3 simple engagement ring budget savers

You’ve done your diamond research, and not it is time to go ring shopping in Chicago. Jewelry stores are great places to purchase your diamond since you get one-on-one time with a salesperson, can get your questions answered, and get to physically see the precious stone you are shelling out thousands of dollars for.

You may think you could stretch your budget by shopping online since many Internet shops may boast of sales that seem too good to be true. But in fact, they may be far from the truth. Be wary of shopping for engagement rings online, it is always best if you can see it in person. If you have to buy it online, make sure you get a certificate of authenticity with it.

Charge It

There are several ways you can save money at jewelry stores. Merrillville shoppers may try using a credit card to pay for the engagement ring. This is probably one of the largest purchases you’ll charge, meaning it is a great time to rack up money back, or frequent flyer miles, that may be later used for your honeymoon. However, pay off the balance as soon as you can to avoid paying interest which would end up canceling out any savings.


Another trick that will stretch Chicago jewelry shoppers’ budgets is purchasing a diamond in a carat size tenths or even hundredths of a carat smaller than the desired size. For instance, if you are buying your fiancée a 2 carat diamond (lucky girl!), you can easily purchase one that is 1.9 carats and knock off a large percentage of the cost. Diamond price goes up steeply by the one carat, so by getting a slightly smaller rock, you’ll barely notice the size difference, but you’ll have no problem noticing the big difference in price.

Stone > Band

It is usually better to spend more money on the diamond of the engagement ring, instead of the band. When your fiancée is going to be showing off her ring, she’ll be flashing the sparkly diamond, not necessarily the band. In the future, you can always upgrade the band if you’d like at jewelry stores. Merrillville shoppers looking to save money now though should splurge on the diamond, the centerpiece of the ring, and opt for a simpler band.

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