A Unique Engagement Ring for Your Unique Sweetheart

You know she’s special. The woman you love is unique, unconventional, and unlike everyone you’ve ever met. Something sets her apart – maybe something that makes her a little more untraditional than most women. And you love her for everything that makes her so one-of-a-kind, and believe that she deserves a wonderful husband – and an engagement ring as unique as she is. Maybe she’s not in to traditional bands, maybe she eschews an old-fashioned solitaire. But luckily at James & Sons, your source for engagement rings in Chicago, we have plenty of options for even the most non-traditional, exceptional woman.

Maybe all it will take to tickle her fancy is to change up the coloring a little – try one of our beautiful Tacori engagement rings that sets off the diamond in the center with splashes of color from sapphires on the side, or vary the traditional white or yellow gold to a rose gold ring. If she’d rather stick with a simple white gold color, perhaps she’d be more interested in an unconventional shape. Danhov makes a small change, simply curving the traditional straight band, to create an original engagement ring, and Tacori adds curves and embellishments to make one of their engagement rings as complicated and beautiful as your relationship. Or maybe she’s the kind of woman to depart from tradition entirely, and forgo the usual diamond for something that has a little more color and flair, just like she does. Maybe a Tacori ring that elegantly combines smoky and green quartz on a hematite band would suit her taste, or a simple band with a gemstone solitaire.

You know her better than anyone, so you know what the engagement ring of her dreams would be. And at James & Sons, we know you want to make her dreams come true. That’s why we’re thrilled to be able to offer such a wide variety of beautiful options. Stop by our Chicago, Orland Park, or Schererville location today and start picking out the perfect ring for your unique loved one.

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