Brilliant Craftsmanship for a Lifetime

When you look for engagement rings, Chicago’s very own James and Sons is the place to go. We understand that these rings symbolize love for a lifetime. It is important for your ring to endure those loving years. At James and Sons Jewelers we know quality and we choose our brands carefully, which is why we praise Scott Kay and the SK Cobalt line. Today, we would like to tell you about the SK Cobalt’s BioBlu27 line.

Engagement rings commonly come in Tungsten carbide and metals like Platinum, silver and gold. However, as bright as they may shine, they are not scratch proof. The SK Colbalt BioBlu27 line is 100% solid. It will not scratch, chip or break. It is long-lasting and it never looses that brand new shine. Formed when the raw elements are melted to a homogenous liquid state, they then cool to their solid form. The BioBlue27 wedding rings’ material is 3 times harder than platinum. These kinds of rings have an exact science to them worth noting. These are the kind of rings worthy and available to be passed down as family heirlooms.

The SK Cobalt BioBlu27 rings are naturally very bright white. They are distinguishable from Platinum. If you are marrying a man who works with his hands, these are great rings to look at. Right now we love the Troy collection by Scott Kay. In Chicago, weddings rings are popularly sought after and hundreds of people come to James and Sons Jewelers each season for our expertise. We can tell you more about Scott Kay and the men’s wedding rings, and even our dazzling Tacori engagement rings.

After being in the business for four generations we are confident in our customer service and ability to help you through the ring buying experience.

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