Celebrate with Some Champagne Diamonds

Valentine’s Day is over, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there are no celebrations on the horizon. Maybe you’re celebrating an important anniversary soon, or perhaps your mother, daughter, wife, or other loved one has a birthday approaching. A new job, exciting news about a new member of your family on the way, a graduation – there are always reasons to be celebrating. And of course, no celebration is complete without a glass of bubbly to toast to the good news.

But sometimes, just a glass of champagne is not enough. Whether the magnitude of the occasion requires something more, or you just want to surprise her by going above and beyond, sometimes you need to move past champagne – and for those occasions, we suggest our champagne diamonds collection! These stunning diamonds are paired with the gorgeous warmth of rose gold, which gives the hint of that sparkling beverage we all love so much. Many pieces also pair clear diamonds with deep, chocolate-y brown diamonds, adding to the warm look and making them stand out from the pack just a little bit more.

Whether you choose a white and chocolate diamond ring for the love of your life on her special day, feel like those champagne diamond hoops are just perfect for your mother while she celebrates, or look forward to placing a gorgeous rose gold and diamond pendant around your daughter’s neck to celebrate her achievements, the look on her face when she sees how you plan on celebrating will make you feel like you’ve already started in on the bubbly. So if you want to take a big day to the next level, Chicago area buyers don’t need to look any further than James & Sons, your family-owned jewelry store. In Northwest Indiana, Orland Park, and Chicago, it’s easy to find one of our locations and take your festive champagne to the next level.

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