5 essential tips to help you start engagement ring shopping

So you have made the decision to pop the big question to the love of your life – congratulations! You’ve talked to the parents to ask for their blessing and the next step is one that is unnecessarily intimidating to men across the world: the ring.

In and around Chicago, engagement ring shoppers can follow these simple tips and in turn make engagement ring shopping a fun and memorable experience.

1.    Find out if she wants to pick out her engagement ring. This may not sound as romantic as surprising her with a ring, however, this has become a popular trend. She will wear her engagement ring for a lifetime, so it is important that she loves the ring. Some brides want to be surprised with a ring that the groom picks out and will trust your judgment, while others want input and want to be more involved in the process. Figure out where your bride-to-be stands on this issue.

2.    For those brides that would rather pick their own ring, do not fret, you can still propose. You can propose with another piece of jewelry such as a family heirloom. This will not only give your fiancé something special to remember this special day, but it will also give her an opportunity to pick the ring out herself. And what woman doesn’t like picking out jewelry?

3.    Assemble some ring shopping help. If you have a traditional fiancé and you find out she would rather be surprised with a ring picked out by you, this doesn’t mean you have can’t get help. Ask her mother or best friend to help choose the ring. Just be sure it is someone you trust to keep a secret. Another way to get an idea of what she likes is to window shop at the various Chicago jewelers and be sure to make a mental note of what if any styles she says she loves.

4.    Research, research, research. We always encourage our clients to read up on engagement rings and diamonds. We cannot stress this enough. Not knowing the terminology is one of the things that most scares and stresses out Chicago engagement ring shoppers. You would never buy a home or a car without having any research, right?

5.    Finding the perfect engagement ring starts off with choosing the right jeweler. Now that you know what she loves and have done some initial research, the next step is finding a jeweler. In and around Chicago, jewelers abound. However, picking the right one is an important step in finding the perfect engagement ring.  At James & Sons, we have over 40 years of experience in helping make you feel comfortable in making one of the biggest and most meaningful purchases. Check out our website or stop by today to see our fantastic collection including engagement rings by Tacori.

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