Leap Year gives women the opportunity to pop the question

Here at James and Sons, we hope you had a wonderful Leap Day! In and around Chicago, engagement ring shopping and the engagement proposal itself is often left up to the groom-to-be. However, did you know this fun fact: in some cultures it is a tradition that women may propose marriage only on a leap day?

For many, the elusive date of February 29 is the day once every four years when women are encouraged to propose to that special man in their life. The tradition has its roots back in Ireland when St. Bridget back in the 5th century is said to have complained to St. Patrick that it was unfair for men to be the ones to propose marriage. She complained that women had to wait too long in some cases for men to propose. To appease her, the legend says that St. Patrick stated that women could propose marriage to men on Leap Day during a Leap Year.

If you are a woman who is ready to pop the question to your man, there are many ring options in Chicago. Engagement ring shopping at James and Sons not only has a wide selection of engagement and wedding rings, but also wonderful customer service.

If you propose to your guy, you will be shopping for his wedding band. This will actually work out really well for those women who would prefer to be part of the engagement ring selection process!

Even if you missed your chance today, there is always an opportunity in four years. To all of the ladies out there not yet married, would you consider proposing to your husband-to-be on Leap Day? And guys, would you say yes to a proposal from the special woman in your life?

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