Hearts on Fire diamonds: the best for those that deserve nothing but the best

At James & Sons, we pride ourselves on carrying only the finest jewelry and Hearts on Fire is no exception.

Just like when you first laid eyes on your soon to be life partner and it was love at first sight, you will relive that experience all over again once your set your eyes on Hearts on Fire diamonds.

In and around Chicago, jewelry store shoppers want a diamond that is as perfect as their bride-to-be, and with Hearts on Fire, they will get just that.


Throughout the entire diamond-making process, Hearts on Fire goes above and beyond every stop and it shows.  For instance, they start by selecting only the top 1% of the world’s raw diamonds. 

In and around Chicago, jewelry store shoppers will be confident to wear Hearts on Fire diamonds since they are selected from conflict-free sources and are compliant with all international and national trade laws which protect human rights.


Once this select group of rough diamonds is chosen, they are entrusted to elite craftsmen (elite is an understatement: less than 400 people in the world are qualified to create a Hearts on Fire diamond) who cut and polish each diamond at 100x magnification which is 10 times what the industry standard is.

Cut & Polish

Each Hearts on Fire diamond is hand-crafted leading to a patented brilliant 8-pointed Fireburst® which shines due to precision diamond cutting and the flood of light through the diamond. Because of the way Hearts on Fire diamonds are cut, they appear even larger than their carat weight.

When you are shopping in jewelry stores, Griffith shoppers will know when they are looking at diamonds with exceptional polish. Hearts on Fire gives each of its diamonds the highest level of polish which gives these precious gems a white brilliance that sparkles from across the room.

Now that you’ve heard all about these diamonds, it is time to make your way to one of our jewelry stores. Griffith shoppers can conveniently head over to our Schererville location to check out Hearts on Fire diamonds first hand. You certainly will not be disappointed and will be overwhelmed by our incredible selection of Hearts on Fire diamonds, from earrings, to necklaces and of course, our extensive selection of engagement rings and wedding bands.

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