Brighten up cold winter days with colorful Jane Basch jewelry

At James and Sons, we are certainly counting down the days to spring which brings with it longer, sunny days and with it new buds and plant-life in gorgeous colors. In the meantime, we are still stuck with cold Chicago days. However, Jane Basch’s beautiful Confetti Collection is sure to brighten up any cold and gray day in Chicago. Here are just a few of our favorites.

In and around Chicago, jewelry store shoppers are in for a treat with the bright and beautiful jewelry by Jane Basch. Take this Gemstone Stretch Bracelet with Engraved Heart as an example.


Available in Blue Agate, Red Agate or Rose Quartz, we personally love the Multicolored Agate option which will go with almost every outfit in the spring and help brighten up the cold and drab winter days we are currently experiencing. Discs are available in your choice of sterling silver, yellow gold or rose gold. Engrave the heart with your initials or even a date that holds a special place in your heart!

In Chicago, jewelry store shoppers looking for an even more personalized piece of jewelry should definitely check out the Gemstone Arm Candy Collection by Jane Basch.

blue arm candy

Available in a gorgeous Blue Lapis, Amethyst or Black Onyx color, this Swirly Initial Gemstone Bracelet not only is bold enough to make you stand out this winter, but also allows you to have your or a loved one’s initials in a unique and beautiful swirling font. Choose your charm in either sterling silver, gold filled, or 14K gold.

Stop on by any of our James and Sons locations to check out the beautifully colorful and unique jewelry collections by Jane Basch jewelry!

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