More unique engagement ring trends we love

We received lots of feedback with our last segment about new trends in engagement rings and are going to bring you a second installment of what the latest trends are in engagement rings. In Chicago, couples no longer have to settle for a plain engagement ring with so many options out there.

Vintage Glamour

Lately, Chicago jewelry store shoppers can agree that everything old is new again. Vintage-style rings are extremely popular lately and we can certainly see why.

Vintage-style rings have the look and feel of a treasured piece of jewelry that has been passed down from generation to generation. With a vintage-style engagement ring, you can now start your own heirloom.

Look for vintage-style features such as intricate engraving on the band, as well as milgrain details as shown on this Tacori ring:


These intricate settings look best on platinum and white gold and often have micropave-set diamonds to give your engagement ring an authentic vintage look.

Raising the Bar

Raised settings are yet another highly popular trend in engagement rings.  In Chicago shoppers love the intricate raised designs that will definitely make your engagement ring stand out from the others.

Another reason why shoppers are opting for raised ring settings is that it also puts the spotlight on the center stone since the raised setting acts as a pedestal for your precious diamond.

This gorgeous “petal ring” from A. Jaffe is a great example of a unique raised setting that really makes a statement.


In Chicago, jewelry store shoppers no longer need to reserve florals only for the bouquets and centerpieces; you can also incorporate florals into your engagement ring as shown in this Scott Kay ring!

We are seeing engagement rings with lovely ornate and detailed floral design that truly makes your ring look like a small work of art.

Rosy Outlook

We recently featured that rose gold is a huge trend in jewelry this summer; it is no surprise that this trend has also extended into engagement rings. 

Rose gold gives your ring a unique color and also really makes your white diamond pop due to the color contrast. This metal will certainly make you and your ring stand apart from the rest.

Which of these latest trends would you consider for your engagement ring? Would you consider wearing any of these rings?

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