Turn your unwanted fine jewelry into cash at James and Sons

With gas prices going through the roof and no end in sight and the cost of looming summer weddings approaching, extra cash is something we would all like to have.

Do you often find yourself at your work desk daydreaming of your next vacation on the beach, but are short on funds? If this sounds like you, we have got some great news for you.

At James & Sons Fine Jewelers, we are not only in the business of selling fine jewelry, but our customers may be surprised to learn that we are also in the business of purchasing items such as: gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, coins and watches.

Chicago jewelry fans can be confident that at James & Sons, we will give you the most honest and highest cash payouts for your valuables. We provide you a trusting and safe environment to get cash for your valuables without the hassle of having to send things off in the mail to deceiving companies.

In and around Chicago, jewelry owners are now more than ever looking through their closets and old jewelry boxes, picking out items that are old and are no longer used. This may include jewelry that maybe you received for a birthday that you didn’t particularly like, or coins and watches that may have been passed down to you through the family. Why have these items sitting around unused when it can get you some cash that could come in handy?

Also, this is a great opportunity to visit our jewelry stores. Merrillville shoppers can head to our Schererville location and perhaps check out some more updated jewelry to replace the jewelry you are looking to sell. Or this may be the perfect opportunity to start looking for that engagement ring you have been thinking about or that wedding anniversary gift your wife will just love.

Are you hesitant because you are not sure what value your items have? No problem. We will give you a free, no obligation verbal appraisal of your items. You can print out the coupon here: http://www.jamesandsons.com/webuygold.asp and head to any of our jewelry stores. Merrillville customers will find our store in Schererville to be a very convenient location.

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