Engagement ring spotlight: Hearts on Fire

There are a wide variety of engagement rings to choose from. Here, we’ll highlight some of our favorites from Hearts on Fire.


For the bride that wants a classic ring, a solitaire is the perfect way to go. No frills, no flashy band, this design puts all of the attention on the stunning diamond.

The “Timeless Solitaire” by Hearts on Fire has a gorgeous round diamond solitaire at the center of attention. Fluid lines twist to form an elegant band; available in platinum.

In Chicago, engagement ring shoppers looking for a solitaire ring with some updates need to look no further than the “Truly Bridal Leaf Dream Solitaire” by Hearts on Fire.

The solitaire is still the main focus, however there are also diamonds lining the band for extra dazzle. We especially love the tapered band that brings even more attention to the prominent center diamond.

Side Stone

When shopping for engagement rings in Chicago, some brides-to-be may realize that one diamond on their ring is not enough. For those looking for multiple diamonds, the side stone rings are a perfect option.

We love the “Grandeur Solitaire” for those looking for a ring that makes a statement. As if the center diamond were not gorgeous enough, there are three additional Hearts on Fire diamonds on either side for a show-stopping look.


In and around Chicago, engagement ring shoppers that are looking for extra sparkle and bling will certainly lean towards a halo engagement ring. 

For instance, the “Transcend Single Halo Dream Solitaire” is a gorgeous ring available in platinum.  The center stone is surrounded by smaller diamonds and they continue along the band for serious sparkle.

Another halo ring we love from Hearts on Fire is the “Significance Solitaire”.  This ring certainly makes a statement with its delicate diamonds surrounding a gorgeous round stone.  For those looking for vintage engagement rings in Chicago, this is a great ring that has the look and feel of a treasured family heirloom.

Whatever your style, Hearts on Fire has the perfect engagement for you. Be sure to stop by any of our James & Sons locations to check out our complete Hearts on Fire collection!


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