3 men’s wedding ring trends we love: Not your father’s wedding bands

As husbands-to-be out there may have noticed… most all of the attention surrounding the wedding is placed on the bride. Sorry, but that is just the way it is. For instance, for her, finding her dream wedding dress is a big event, while for the groom, the suit is usually a dime a dozen rental.

However, when it comes to choosing wedding bands, it does not have to be this way. We have picked out some of our favorite latest trends in men’s wedding rings. Chicago shoppers, you can kiss the traditional, flat and boring wedding band good bye. You have many fun and unique options.

Options, Options, Options

The type of lifestyle you lead should be a guide to your choice in wedding rings. Chicago grooms that for instance lead a very active lifestyle both in work and for leisure will probably opt for a more durable metal such as platinum since metals such as gold are much softer and may dent.

Those that work in physically demanding jobs may also want to avoid matte finished which shows scratches much more prominently.

If you are a stylish groom and spend most of your days behind the desk, then you can opt for engraved bands, matte finishes, and a variety of metals. You can even have some precious gems on your wedding band.


Who said that diamond rings were only for the bride-to-be? More and more Orland Park wedding band shoppers are opting for diamond wedding rings.

Look stylish and sophisticated with a subtle touch of a diamond in your wedding band. Typically, the diamond is flat on the surface of the ring so the ring remains flat and smooth and does not snag.

You’ll find plenty of options from traditional white diamonds to exotic colors such as black diamonds. Can’t afford diamonds? Then opt for other precious gems such as emerald, sapphire or rubies.


In and around Orland Park, wedding band shoppers who are not used to wearing rings since they find them uncomfortable can breathe a big sigh of relief. More and more, designers are designing rings using ergonomic techniques to make rings that not only look great, but feel great too.

Be sure to try on rings and ask for interiors that are curved as opposed to being flat as this will provide the most comfort. Different types of metal will also feel different – this is your chance to try them all on and while looks do matter, make sure you feel comfortable wearing the ring.

You are going to be wearing your wedding ring for the rest of your life and they are an important symbol of a long and happy marriage so it is important that you find one you love. Stop by any of our three James & Sons locations and we will help you find that one of a kind wedding ring.

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