Experience the promise with the Tacori Promise bracelet

At James and Sons, we are ecstatic to bring to you a beautiful piece of jewelry designed to be a stunning accessory that a couple can share to celebrate and share something meaningful together. We present to you the Promise bracelet by Tacori!

This beautiful Tacori bracelet came to be through the great design collaboration between Tacori and Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook. Only after months of design did this beautiful concept come to life.


The Promise bracelet is truly a special piece of jewelry and is unique in that the wearer is not the only one who gets to enjoy this bracelet. The Promise bracelet must be locked and unlocked with a Tacori Key which symbolizes a promise which has been made.

PROMISE BRACELETNot only do we love this meaningful and unique use for this Tacori bracelet, but we also love how stunning it looks. Intertwining silver and gold carry out the theme of two individuals uniting as one as the silver and gold wind together.  Once you fasten the bracelet, you can only unlock the Promise bracelet by using the key holder, also another symbolic aspect of this design. 

Here is a great video which will take you behind the scenes of how the Promise bracelet by Tacori came to be:

At James and Sons, we not only love beautiful jewelry that looks great, but we love jewelry even more than has a special sentiment and concept behind the design.  We are very excited to carry this special Promise bracelet at our James and Sons stores. Be sure to stop by to check out this one of a kind bracelet!

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