Don’t leave wedding band shopping to the last minute: Shop our Danhov collections

At James and Sons, we know that there are a million and one things to do to get everything ready and plan for the most special day of your life: your wedding. After the engagement ring, wedding rings are usually one of the last things that couples think about, leaving them scrambling just a few weeks before the big day. Don’t get caught rushing the selection of the wedding bands that will symbolize your marriage for the rest of your life.

In and around Orland Park, wedding band shoppers will definitely want to stop by James and Sons with plenty of time to check out our vast selection of wedding bands.

We have an expansive collection of wedding bands from trusted designer Danhov and the best part is that we also have a large men’s wedding band collection so you will both be able to pick out the perfect wedding band in one place!

In Orland Park, wedding band shoppers can browse our men’s Danhov wedding bands to find that perfect mix of masculinity and elegance. We love the “Pallina Domed Diamond Band” from Danhov for him because who said that diamonds are only for the bride to be? A great mix of textures, metals and diamonds of course sets this wedding band apart.

For those men that can do without the sparkle of diamonds but still want a unique ring, the “Tubetto Round Band” is an excellent choice featuring distinctive round cylinders.

Don’t worry ladies; we have plenty of stunning wedding bands that will perfectly complement your gorgeous engagement ring too! We love the “Eleganza Braided Band” by Danhov that features 80 diamonds in a unique double twisting band.

Want to make your wedding band match your groom-to-be? If so, check out the “Tubetto Round Band” that perfectly complements the men’s “Tubetto Round Bound” featured above. However the women’s version features approximately 0.17 ct of sparkling diamonds

As you can see, we have many unique, stunning wedding bands for you and him at James and Sons. Come on by and pick out these special rings this holiday season before the spring and summer wedding rush comes full steam ahead!

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