James & Sons Can Take Care of Your Treasures

Here at James & Sons, we are justifiably proud of all our stunning jewelry offerings, and spend a lot of time talking about our beautiful pieces. But today we want to talk about something else – your stunning jewelry, and your beautiful pieces. Here at your family-owned jewelry store in Northwest Indiana, Chicago, and Orland Park, we want to make sure your treasures are cared for with the attention and skill they deserve.

Our outstanding master craftsmen understand the value of great jewelry, and have trained for years to take care of it properly. Whether your vintage engagement ring needs some touching up, or your favorite necklace was broken when you lent it to a loved one, we are here to take care of all your jewelry needs. We know that the worth of your jewelry can’t be measured in dollars, and we respect both the value of the gold and jewels, as well as the more important value of the meaning and emotions that become attached to it over the years.

Our craftsman work with only cutting edge technology to ensure that we are taking the best possible care of your precious pieces. Our laser welder, computer programs, and other technology work with the years of training and hands-on experience our craftsmen have accrued to make sure that the best care possible is taken with your money – and your memories. We are committed to careful, on-site, precise, and timely repairs. Here at James & Sons, we know the life of a piece is only starting when it goes out onto the ring of a bride or the neck of a mother. We are committed to caring for jewelry throughout its life, and we are honored to care for your treasured memories.

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