James & Sons® Fine Jewelers: Freida Rothman Collection

The Freida Rothman collection here at James & Sons® Fine Jewelers is the epitome of class and elegance. Freida Rothman’s large variety is sure to have something for everyone. Each necklace, ring, bracelet, and earring features a classic look with a modern twist. If you’re on the hunt for distinctive, sleek, effortlessly sophisticated jewelry then look no further than the brilliant Freida Rothman collection!

The Freida Rothman Harlequin Triple Stack Ring features two dainty gold rings made from simple circles linked together. Each ring holds a dazzling diamond-like gem nestled in the center. The larger more prominent ring of the three is the true beauty of the set. Featuring interchanging links of rectangular and oval shapes with a romantically dark accent this ring is sure to be eye-catching. In addition, there is the perfect pop of turquoise gorgeously set in the center of each shape. Whether you wear them as an inseparable trio or sport them on different fingers, these three beautifully intricate rings complement one another outstandingly and are sure to turn heads.

The Freida Rothman Mirror Bar Necklace set in sterling silver with yellow plating is absolutely brilliant. This necklace has three diverse accent features to make for a unique and beautiful statement. The simply exquisite chain includes a chic, circular gem with a dark outline accent conveniently spaced from a sassy and edgy jewel in the shape of a classic diamond cut. The horizontal mirror bar pendant provides a classic cosmopolitan look with a modernized twist. The outline that draws an envious eye to the mirror center-piece is bedazzled with diamond-like gems that sparkle like the real thing. The mirror pendant itself is sure to impress with its unique shine and crisp shape! Wear this as a solo piece or pair it with other chains and accessories, but regardless of your preference, you’re sure to wow everyone when you sport this stunning Freida Rothman necklace.

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