Meet Charles Krypell at our Holiday Open House!

Here at James & Sons® Fine Jewelers, we are proud to carry a variety of beautiful jewelry brands. Each collection we feature is uniquely brilliant with its own charm and style, and we’re constantly looking for new inspiration and styles to dazzle our customers with. For our Holiday Open House Event at our Schererville location, we’ve been inspired by Charles Krypell and his sophisticated collection of high quality and eye-capturing jewelry. We are so grateful that Mr. Krypell will be joining us to show off some of his most exquisite pieces!

Starting on Friday, November 20th and continuing through Saturday the 21st at our Schererville location, we’ll be celebrating world renowned jewelry designer Charles Krypell. A brand synonymous with luxury, craftsmanship and quality, Charles Krypell invites you to peek inside the heritage of a family owned and operated jewelry company. Recognizable for award winning styles and trendsetting designs, Charles Krypell has continued to influence the world market since 1976.

James & Sons® Fine Jewelers is so thrilled to be hosting this event at our Schererville location, and are even more honored to be graced by Charles Krypell’s presence! Join us from 10am until 8pm on Friday with a cocktail party starting at 4pm, and from 10am-5pm on Saturday to see everything Charles Krypell has to offer as he personally shares his exquisite creations. From fancy colored diamond masterpieces to rare gems of the world, you’re sure to find something uniquely special and fitting for any occasion.

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