New Lines Available at James & Sons

New beginnings might not be the first thing you think of in autumn, but here at James & Sons, we’re thrilled to be welcoming new lines to our stores this fall! At our Schererville store, we’re introducing the LVE diamonds collection, featuring stunning pieces of diamond and precious metals. And at all our stores, we’re bringing our customers Endless Jewelry, a simple and fun way to adapt your jewelry for any occasion.

LVE diamonds is a whole line of jewelry focused on one simple concept – couples who “live love.” Pieces include engagement rings, wedding bands, and jewelry that can be used to commemorate special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Every LVE piece you wear will remind you of a special part of your relationship, and will remind you to “live love” every day. Each LVE masterpiece features a symbolic thread of precious metal, representing the journey that two people travel together in life and in love. We like to think of the “V” as two people walking hand in hand. What significance does the “V” hold for your own love story?

Endless Jewelry focuses more on a simple and fun style of jewelry, and has the advantage of being adaptable to any occasion. You start with a leather band in the color you or your loved one prefers, and then things start to get fun. Endless Jewelry offers hundreds of charms in a variety of styles, including gold, silver, and charms featuring gorgeous gemstones. You can add or remove charms, change up the combinations, and create a new piece of jewelry for every mood or every occasion in endless combinations!

These two new lines enhance the already wide variety of offerings at James & Sons stores. So whether you are looking for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, or engagement rings, Schererville IN, Chicago, and Orland Park jewelry buyers can find whatever they need at James & Sons.

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