Make your vows with Tacori wedding bands

Wedding seasonĀ has quickly descendedĀ upon us and with it Orland Park wedding band shoppers are rushing to purchase the rings they will use to seal their wedding vows.

Fortunately, shopping for wedding rings is easy (unlike many other aspects of weddings) when you choose wedding bands by Tacori. For over 40 years, Tacori has become synonymous with elegance, modern design, and exquisite jewelry. Handcrafted in the U.S. in California, these unique pieces are pieces of art, truly worthy of being the symbol of your union as husband and wife.

Tacori jewelry is handcrafted, resulting in slight differences in each Tacori design. This is not a flaw, rather it is unique that you will have a one-of-a-kind ring; no two pieces are identical.

Dantela Collection

One of our favorite Tacori collections is the Dantela Collection and it is easy to see why.

The Tacori diamond band is an example of a gorgeous wedding band for her which will enhance your engagement ring, while also providing more sparkle. Tacori diamond bands start at $1550 and eternity bands (wedding rings where the diamonds go all the way around) start at $2200. Prices will change depending on diamond carat weight as well as type of metal (platinum or 18K gold).

Looking for a bit more of a wow factor for your wedding rings? Chicago brides can turn heads in this stunning platinum ring featuring five brilliant white diamonds. Variations of this style are available starting at $7,980 ranging upwards of $8,920.

Tacori has become a household name with wedding jewelry, and it is hard to browse through any wedding magazine or attend a Hollywood event and not spot celebrities sporting Tacori jewelry. Check it out for yourself:

In and around Orland Park, wedding band shoppers can simply stop by our Orland Park store and check out the vast selection of Tacori bridal jewelry hands on.

At James & Sons, we are more than happy to answer your questions regarding matching Tacori wedding rings. Chicago shoppers can also ask us about care and cleaning instructions for your rings. Chicago shoppers can stop by our location at 1845 North Clybourn Avenue. Happy shopping!

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