See the Beauty in Birthstones at James & Sons® Fine Jewelers

If you’re looking for a gift that is undeniably beautiful with a personal touch, birthstones are an exquisite choice. Traditionally, a birthstone had been associated with each month of the year. There are many legends and myths about the meaning and powers of birthstones, as well as their connection to nature and the planets. According to these legends, wearing a gemstone during its assigned month will heighten its unique healing powers. Find your birthstone for your month below to see how you can incorporate your stone into your inventory of accessories.

• January’s Birthstone – Garnet: a deep, romantic red.
• February’s Birthstone – Amethyst: a beautiful blend of violet and red.
• March’s Birthstone – Aquamarine: a pale, cool blue.
• April’s Birthstone – Diamond: a dazzling, sparkling classic.
• May’s Birthstone – Emerald: a vivid, luxuriant green.
• June’s Birthstone – Pearl / Alexandrite / Moonstone. Pearl is a timeless favorite. Alexandrite changes from ruby to emerald-like colors depending on the light. Moonstone is a variety of green, blue, peach, and champagne.
• July’s Birthstone – Ruby: a red that radiates intensity and passion.
• August’s Birthstone – Peridot / Sardonyx. Peridot is a lively olive green. Sardonyx features layers of reddish brown and white.
• September’s Birthstone – Sapphire: an intense, powerful dark blue.
• October’s Birthstone – Opal / Pink Tourmaline. Opal is a vibrant, fiery orange. Pink Tourmaline is a rich, royal pink.
• November’s Birthstone – Citrine / Yellow Topaz. Citrine is a soft, brassy gold. Yellow topaz is a deep, gold champagne.
• December’s Birthstone – Turquoise / Tanzanite / Zircon / Blue Topaz. Turquoise is a clear ocean-water blue. Tanzanite is a unique royal blue. Zircon is a robin’s egg blue. Blue Topaz is an icy electric blue.

At James & Sons® Fine Jewelers , many of our gorgeous collections feature birthstones in a unique way. Whether you prefer the Princess Cut Emerald diamond band in white gold or the Princess Cut Sapphire diamond pendant in white gold, our experts will help you find the piece that shows off your birth month in a beautiful way. We look forward to seeing you!


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