Set Her Heart on Fire with Hearts on Fire Diamonds

At James & Sons, we spend a lot of time with men trying to pick out the perfect ring to make their engagement special. And we know from experience that this can be a really difficult decision for many men. If you are struggling with finding the perfect engagement ring, we have one suggestion that might help narrow your search: a Hearts on Fire diamond.

Hearts on Fire diamonds are something special – you can see the difference when you look at one. Hearts on Fire focuses immense effort into creating the perfect sparkling diamond for the perfect engagement ring. Starting with only outstanding quality diamonds, the expert diamond-cutters at Hearts on Fire carefully craft diamond that sparkles from across the room. Hearts on Fire diamonds are only cut two ways, round and square, to allow the craftsmen to focus on perfecting those cuts. Each diamond is cut into a perfectly symmetrical shape, and the surface area is maximized. This means that no light escapes except by reflecting from the top, giving Hearts on Fire diamonds their trademark sparkle.

Once you have the perfect diamond, all that’s left is to choose the perfect setting. Fortunately, Hearts on Fire diamonds come in a number of styles so that you can find an engagement ring you’re sure she will love. Whether it’s a simple solitaire, a double row of smaller diamonds, a large diamond surrounded by smaller stones, or a quintet of diamonds inset into the band, Hearts on Fire has a ring to match every taste and show off their superior diamonds. So don’t despair of finding the right choice amongst all those engagement rings. Chicago area jeweler James & Sons is an authorized Hearts on Fire dealer, and we’ll be happy to help you pick out the perfect Hearts on Fire ring for the perfect woman!

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