Shining Bright with Lab Grown Diamonds at James & Sons®

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At James & Sons® Fine Jewelers, we know that when you select a piece of diamond jewelry, you put great care in selecting the perfect cut, color, and shape to convey exactly what you want to say. There’s nothing we value more than matching you with the ideal item at our jewelry stores serving Northwest Indiana. We are here to work with you on everything from budget concerns to the social impact of your choice. That’s why we’re proud to offer an impressive inventory of lab grown diamonds that are just as striking as their natural-diamond counterparts, but stand apart as excellent eco-conscious and affordable alternatives.

Just as you anticipate the long-lasting quality of any piece of jewelry you hope to pass down to generations of family members, it’s a priority in this day and age to consider the choices we all make to protect the planet for their futures. Lab grown diamonds present an opportunity to do just that.

To grow diamonds in controlled lab conditions, advanced technologies are used to match the same processes natural diamonds undergo — but without the environmental impact. This makes lab grown diamonds a more sustainable choice at costs that are up to 40 percent less. This reduced cost does not come at the expense of beauty, though. The .75ct to 3.00ct colorless lab grown diamonds available at our stores are perfect for engagement rings, stud earring, necklaces, and any other exquisite piece of jewelry you want to gift or add to your own collection

When you’re shopping for engagement rings in Chicago, we encourage you to consider the beautiful, socially-conscious lab grown diamonds at any of our Chicagoland-area locations. We can’t wait to introduce you to the selection and send you home with a piece that you love and believe in!

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