Show Your Commitment in a New Way with a Tacori Promise Bracelet

You’ve heard of promise rings – a way for someone to make a commitment to a loved one and make a promise about the future, even if they are not quite ready for the commitment of an engagement. But what to do with a promise ring after an engagement? After all, a woman only has so many fingers. And what if you want to make a promise to your wife, long after the engagement stage? That’s where a Tacori Promise Bracelet comes in.

Designed in collaboration with Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook, the Tacori Promise Bracelet is a new way to make a statement about the future to someone you love. The Tacori Promise Bracelet features three intertwined bands of silver to represent the love, support, and respect that are vital to any relationship. And the bracelet is clasped and unclasped using a key, making the Tacori Promise Bracelet a collaboration between both people in a relationship. Without the key to your heart, no-one can hope to put on or take off your Tacori Promise Bracelet!

This stunning piece is available in sterling silver, or in two-toned silver and gold or silver and rose gold. The contrast of the silver and the gold symbolizes two individuals coming together into one beautiful unit, just like the two people in your relationship. A Tacori Promise Bracelet can be a first step in a relationship that still has a lifetime of growth ahead of it – or it can be the promise of a renewed commitment to someone you have already spent half a lifetime with.

If you are looking for a way to tell your loved one how much she means to you, and show her that you are committed to her and your future, stop by James & Sons, your source for Tacori in Northwest Indiana and the Chicago area. At James & Sons, we will be happy to show you all our options for a stunning Tacori Promise Bracelet, and help you tell your girlfriend or wife just how much she means to you.

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