Tacori Has More Than Just Stunning Engagement Rings, Wait Til You See…

People travel from far and wide to see Chicago jewelers, particularly James and Sons. Young couples come to James and Sons for the Tacori engagment rings like a horses to water. It is true, our Tacori engagement rings at James and Sons are stunning, intricate, delicate and timeless, but you haven’t seen our other Tacori rings. You need not be getting married to come by our Chicago jewelry store. Need some bling? We got more than a few things to make you look fabulous. Perfect for any occasion, maybe a graduation gift or a “because I love you surprise,” Tacori rings are all the rage. Let us tell you why…

Maybe you wear a casual ring everyday, one of those kinds you never take off. When it comes time for an awards dinner, a special night out, or a fancy party, you might need something a little dressier on your hand. Any ring that sparkles will surely dress up any outfit and change your everyday look. If you want a classic ring that you can throw on with practically anything, a piece that is timeless and special, we love the 7.35 carat Black Onyx ring Style No. SR12319. It comes with a sterling silver band, 18 carat rose or yellow gold. Pick the style that fits you best. The black Onyx ring goes really well with our Rockin’ and Rollin’ 32.4 carat black onyx bracelet. If you are on the market for a fancy jewelry combination, come try it on with the black onyx studs set in .925 sterling silver basket. Altogether, the bracelet accents the ring magnificently and the earrings dress up your look no matter how fancy you do your hair.

Shopping with James and Sons Jewelers is a friendly and fun experience. Let us help you find what you need at any of our three locations. We hope to see you soon for classic fashion looks, or timeless engagement rings.

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