Tacori Ups its Style at James & Sons®

september 1
If you’re already a fan of Tacori jewelry, you’re in for a treat. At James & Sons® Fine Jewelers, we are proud to announce that we have added new pieces from this famed brand to our inventory. Take a look at what you can make yours today from the elegant Tacori by viewing our website!

Carefully crafted and sophisticated, Tacori is a marvel in the jewelry realm. Our customers are huge fans, and with the new collection we have in, there’s no wonder why. The Tacori Crescent Cove is certainly dreamy, and its top-tier status won’t put a dent in your wallet due to its range of prices. We offer a stellar variation of pieces that are sure to catch the eye, such as the Crescent Cove Triple Wave ring that is simple yet chic and the Crescent Cove Triple Petite Wavelet Line earrings.

Another collection from Tacori that we’d like to highlight is Ivy Lane. This particular collection has been a staple in our stores, and now you can shop its new style: black diamonds. Combining its elegant, classic look with striking black diamonds is a unique and bold take that simply works. Be sure to check out the Stacked Surfboard Ring and the Petite Pave Pendant—two captivating pieces that are sure to create a subtle yet striking enhancement to your look.

Both of these styles—Tacori Crescent Cove and Tacori Ivy Lane—are available on our website. Feel free to direct any inquiries to one of our Chicago jewelers, as they are always happy to help. From picking out a Tacori engagement ring for your soon-to-be fiancé to indulging in a one-of-a-kind Ivy Lane piece, you can’t go wrong with the selection at our Chicagoland area jewelry stores.

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