The Perfect Gift for the Outdoorsman in Your Life

The dilemma is before you: what do you do when you want to give a nice gift to a man you know spends most of his time outdoors? The power Rolex probably couldn’t handle a fall in the snow while skiing, a dunk in the ocean, or the dirt of a long hike. Fortunately, your Chicago jewelry store has a solution! We suggest a classic, classy, and – most importantly – camping-compatible Tudor Heritage watch! With hardy and tough leather, steel, or fabric straps, Tudor Heritage Ranger and Tudor Heritage Black Bay watches can handle some time out in the elements.

If your man is more of a snowboarding, dogsledding, hiking type, the Tudor Heritage Ranger will suit him perfectly. Available with leather, camouflage fabric, or steel bands, this watch can stand up to the outdoors. And since it is waterproof, some snow and rain won’t damage it. The earthy natural leather and camouflage colors will ensure that the Tudor Heritage Ranger doesn’t stand out too much in the wilderness, but the Tudor Heritage elegance will make him look and feel good no matter where he goes.

If he’s more of a surfing, snorkeling, beach type, don’t worry! We have the Tudor Heritage Black Bay to keep him looking good for his watery adventures. Based on Tudor’s very first diving watch, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay is sleek and stylish. The deep blue and burgundy hued leather strap options help it look at home next to a wet suit or in darker waters, but for the guy who wants to stand out, the steel band gives a classic elegance to this active man’s watch. To complete the package, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay is waterproof up to 200 meters (660 feet), so he’ll be able to look sharp even as he explores the deep.

If you want to show the special man in your life that you value him, as well as show him that you know what he loves, a Tudor Heritage watch can help you. Visit James & Sons today to get a special gift for a special man.

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