Tissot Watches are Fall Fashion’s Must Have

It may only be August, but fall is right around to corner! Despite steamy hot temperatures and against our will stores are beginning to stock their shelves with fall attire and that can only further tell us, summer is almost gone. On the positive side, this means it is time to race into James and Sons to buy a new Tissot watch for fall. Whether it is a back to school gift, or a new addition to your fall fashion wardrobe, you cannot go wrong with Tissot. At James and Sons we choose to sell Tissot designer watches for many reasons. Tissot makes quality, long lasting time pieces, no pun intended. Come to our Northwest Indiana jewelry store or find us in Northwest Indiana, engagement rings are here too!

As we are known for engagement rings in Chicago and Indiana, out of all the other Chicago Jewelers, James and Sons is the only store with Tacori Engagement rings, beautiful fashion jewelry and great watches. Right now we have two full cases of Tissot watches. If you are looking for a men’s watch we have styles that are classic casual and we have sport and athletic styles. Some watches range from inexpensive, practical business watches to fancy dressy watches. Tissot has multitudes of designs and therefore if there is not the perfect one for you in our store we can special order anything of your liking.

Right now, Tissot has a special limited edition Danica Patrick rose gold watch. It is ornate enough to wear as a fashion piece but can also be worn with a casual, sporty outfit. We can easily special order this watch for you at James and Sons.

Come by our jewelry store today to grab that fall fashion timepiece before we run out. Tissot watches are a hot commodity! See you soon!

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