Warm Up This Winter With The Glimmer of Gold

This fall and winter, gold is shining more brightly than ever and it’s taking the jewelry world by storm. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to keep the gloom of winter at bay, the warm and cheerful glow of gold should do the trick. So what’s on-trend as afternoons darken and temperatures drop?

Themes from European royalty of centuries past are big this year, including intricate, lacy interlocking patterns, small sparkling stones, and elegant designs resembling the patterns and weavings of noble clothing. Nowadays you don’t have to be a queen to wear beautiful, opulent jewelry designs, but wouldn’t we all like to be a king or queen for a day? Take a look at a few examples from brands we love:

The Champagne Sunset ring from Tacori is a great example; a cocktail ring with diamonds hovering over a rose gold band, this ring clearly states ‘your majesty’! In fact, if you’re looking for Tacori in Northwest Indiana, James and Sons has plenty of regal options for you:

Or consider a beautiful, tapestry-like pendant from Tacori’s Afleuress collection. Florets of diamonds and gold are woven together to make a beautiful pattern that hangs at the end of a delicate chain, resembling the rich weavings hung in the grand castles of royalty and nobility.

One of the reasons we like the Tacori brand so much is the variety in their jewelry. Adorn your wrists royally with a draping cuff linking delicate rose gold crescents, sparkling diamonds and white gold accents, as intricate as sixteenth century latticework.

So how will you be staving off the cold this fall and winter? Like royalty? Gold has always been, and always will be, one of the clearest symbols of wealth and luxury. As a jewelry store in Northwest Indiana, we pride ourselves on providing our customers this golden opportunity to stay cozy in style. Stop by our shop to see what’s glittering on our counters today.

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