We Buy Gold

we buy gold

Gold has been a valuable metal since humans figured out how to extract, shape, and trade it. In fact, gold is so consistently valuable that it has proven to be a good investment no matter what the state of the overall economy is. Even today, with the United States economy practically fully recovered from the Great Recession, the price of gold is still sitting at one of the its highest prices! That’s why here at James and Sons® Fine Jewelers, we are happy to offer a gold buying program to our customers.

Our process is quick, easy, and honest so you can get the most money for your fine gold jewelry. All you need to do is visit our website and fill out our short form with your name, contact information, and short description of the gold jewelry you’d like to sell. From there, our friendly associates will be in touch with more details. We also welcome you to any of our three locations in Chicago, Orland Park, and Schererville, IN where our associates can examine your gold jewelry and offer you the best price for it right there in person.

Why should you choose James & Sons to sell your fine gold jewelry? There are a lot of reasons, as our customers can attest to. We have been in the jewelry business since 1964. We’ve seen countless pieces of gold come in and out of doors and we have the knowledge gained from experience to evaluate whatever gold jewelry you want to bring in. We have an undying passion for jewelry and want to serve as a reliable and knowledgeable resource for fellow jewelry enthusiasts.

If you are interested in selling your gold jewelry or even just getting it appraised, we welcome you to any of our three Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana locations. We hope to see you soon!

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