Who Needs an Occasion for Ritani?

Most women and some men have their ears pierced at a young age. We all have our favorite earrings that we can wear everyday and for some of us, those everyday earrings are special gifts, heirlooms, or inexpensive. Whether the day’s activity is dressy or casual, it is nice to have a pair of diamond studs to throw on. At James and Sons we know quality when we see it as well as innovation. What we love about our jewelry designer Ritani is the creative genius with which they used to put a glamorous spin on the every day pair of stud diamond earrings.

If you are a classic girl looking for a little more sparkle, try on the Ritani For Forevermark Halo Stud earrings. The halo, or ring, around the center diamond adds dimension and shine. Your face will be lit up by their sparkle. However if you don’t like the classic round look but you love added sparkle, try on the Ritani For Forevermark Cushion Halo earrings. They have a round center diamond but the cushion diamonds surrounding it create a square shape. These earrings have a more modern edge to them.

Picture the Halo Stud earrings, now think, bigger! The Bella Vita Earrings are that classic round shape with a larger center diamond. The halo around the stud is more intricately designed with smaller diamonds but the shine remains incredible. The Halo is made up of Pave Diamonds. There really is no need for a special occasion to stop by our jewelry store in Northwest Indiana. Out of all the jewelers in Calumet, we are your premium jeweler of Tacori engagement rings, stunning earrings and wedding rings in Calumet. Come see us soon and pick out your new favorite earrings, just because!

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