Why Shop at James & Sons?

Here at James & Sons, we know we sell great jewelry. We think you probably know it too. But of course, there are plenty of Northwest Indiana and Chicago jewelers to choose from, and sometimes, selling a great product isn’t enough to make a jewelry store stand out from the pack. Luckily for us, James & Sons boasts a variety of great reasons for jewelry buyers to shop with us.

First off, James & Sons is an independent, family-owned business. Not only that, but we are your neighbors! We are part of the Chicagoland community, and each community where we have a store. We donate to local charities, and give our time to worthy causes in the area. We’re not just a business, we’re a community partner as well. If you are interested in more of the business side of things, James & Sons has plenty of advantages there as well. We are a full service jewelry store – from the moment you buy an engagement ring, watch, or other piece of jewelry, we’ll take care of that piece. Is the ring suddenly to large or too small for the finger it rests on? We can resize it for you! Are you wishing you could return your favorite bracelet to its former pristine condition? We offer careful and professional jewelry cleaning! After years of use, has your beloved watch finally broken down? We’ll repair it and get it back to you good as new! No matter what you need, the moment a piece of jewelry enters our shop, we’re committed to caring for it for the rest of its life.

These are just a few of the many reasons to choose James & Sons for all your jewelry needs. Want more? Just visit any James & Sons location, and our wonderful staff will tell you everything you need to know about what makes James & Sons so special.

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